Massage by Doug

Soothing, relaxing Swedish massage for women

About Us

. I am available by appointment from 8am - 8pm Mon - Fri My rates are   $60 for two hours.  I have found my niche in the massage industry. I do two hour super relaxing soothing medium pressure soft tissue massages for women.          If you need deep tissue sports massage, i'm not your guy.   I will soften and sooth those tight muscles with the minimum pressure needed.   Its your massage, you tell me what you need or desire and i'll do my very best to accomidate you.   I can sometimes get you in right away, but it's better to call early for an appointment.   I am dedicated to serving  the needs and wishes of my clients each and every day.   If you make an appointment once a month you may take 30% off, every two weeks or less take 50% off.   Come let me pamper you and help you release the tension of the day.